Saturday, May 16, 2015

Concert Review: Bob Dylan at the Ohio Theater

As Bob Dylan took the stage at the Ohio Theater in Columbus on Saturday night a full house waited in wide eyed anticipation.  And he did not disappoint. He opened with his Oscar winning song "Things Have Changed" and never looked back.

Dylan's recent material dominated the evening with six songs from his 2012 album Tempest, two from his 2015 release Shadows in the Night, including cuts from Love and Theft (2002), Modern Times (2006), and Together Through Life (2009).  The prevalence of his 21st Century work speaks directly to the quality of the material, Dylan's no oldies act.

The concert also showed off Dylan's musicianship and the unique sound he's honed for decades with his band.  Their style ranges from country, bluesy rock, ballads, folk rock, and rhythm & blues.  Dylan seemed to savor every line of the rocking "Pay in Blood."  He's a wounded romantic on "Forgetful Heart" and "Spirit on the Water." A harsh wisdom is expressed on the Homeric "Scarlet Town."

As the show winded down Dylan performed two Sinatra songs "Autumn Leaves" and "Stay With Me", adding a touch of class to the evening.

From the moment he walked onto stage to the moment he walked off Dylan had the crowd in the palm of his hand. A Great Performance!

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